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 Dongying HaiRong new material co., LTD. Is a companyEPSModule manufacturers,The main productionEPSThe module、HaiRongEPSThe module、Empty anticross between blocks、Wall thermal insulation material、Nonwoven fabric, etc。Is a setEPSThe module、Polystyrene production、Sales、Research and development and trade in one high-tech enterprise group。Enterprises located in the beautiful and richly endowed south of the Yellow River delta-Shandong dongying city guangrao county industrial park,Was established2010Years10Month,The registered capital7850Ten thousand yuan。 

 Relying on its own technological advantage,The development of new building energy-saving HaiRongEPSThe module,Products70A number of patents。Compared with the traditional building materials,HaiRongEPSModule has good heat preservation performance and structural performance,The promotion and use of the construction industry is a major revolution。

 The climate warming,An increasingly tense energy supplies,The fog haze weather of today,HaiRongEPSThe widely application of the module,Helps to reduce energy consumption,To reduce carbon emissions,Reduce the land for construction,To purify the air quality。

 The company will to“Building enterprise,Lead The low carbon economy”For the purpose,In order to protect the environment,Care for their homes,To the construction of low carbon、Energy saving、Environmental protection enterprises。

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Dongying HaiRong new material co., LTD. Is a companyEPSModule manufacturers,To provideHaiRongEPSThe moduleModule constructionFoam constructionThe new wall materialsNew building materialsWall thermal insulation materialBuilding materialsBuilding energy-saving materialsThe new rural villaPrefabricated buildingsSince the constructionNew rural constructionAnd other services。

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